What’s the Best Type of Grill Grate Material?

What’s the Best Type of Grill Grate Material?

An important feature of any grill is the cooking grates. The sear marks they create on our food come from the parts of the grill that are closest to it. In spite of this, not every grill grate was created equally, so knowing what to expect is important. Our top three recommendations for grill grates are listed below.

Taking into account the materials

If you look inside that shiny new grill in the store, the first question you should ask is ‘What are those cooking grates made of? The materials used in the construction of cooking grates determine both their quality and durability. Buying a new grill involves two important considerations. Among the cooking grates we offer at Broil King, we offer cast iron, rod stainless steel, and cast stainless steel.

Grates made from cast iron

If you don’t plan on properly cleaning and seasoning cast iron cookware, skip it altogether. Cast iron is a favorite among professionals! The kind of pros who have been seasoned for decades, like your grandmother. The black patina on those skillets was perfected over years, and grandma would probably expel you from the family if you put them in the dishwasher. Be like grandma and maintain your cast iron if you’re buying it.

Thus, cast iron is an extremely useful material. The heavy construction means it retains heat, which means it delivers the best sear. Your cast grates will develop an oil patina if you take good care of them (like properly seasoning them).

Stainless rod grates

In contrast to stainless steel rod grates, cast iron grate develops a nonstick patina that makes it more durable. Stainless cooking grates are durable and low maintenance, which is why we like them.

The grilling industry uses stainless steel rods for its stainless steel cooking grates, and that rod’s diameter can vary widely. In order to achieve a great sear, stainless grates need to be larger in diameter in order to retain heat. Due to their 3 mm (or thinner) stainless wire construction, stainless grates are often called wire grates. Although Broil King’s stainless grates are 8-9 mm in diameter, they don’t fit the “wire” description for improved grill grates performance. It’s important to heat and oil stainless steel at the right temperature in order to ensure that it performs well. If you have ever flipped a piece of grilled chicken over hot, dry stainless steel grates, you have likely seen it shred by the grates as it sticks to them each and every time.

Stainless steel cast grates

The advantages of rod stainless steel cooking grates and cast iron cooking grates are combined with cast stainless steel grates. Their rough texture makes them easy to season (which builds up that nonstick patina easily) and their durability makes them durable. Though the rough texture wants to season just as cast iron does, you shouldn’t expect them to stay shiny.

In addition to being difficult to manufacture, cast stainless steel grates are expensive and perform at a premium level. Broil King only offers them as standard on its Imperial gas grill series. As they are designed to fit all Imperial and Regal grill models, you don’t have to worry about buying them separately.

What’s the Best Type of Grill Grate Material?

Designs for Grilling Grate

Grates are spaced apart by a certain amount

A set of cooking grates does not seem to require much thought before it is designed and laid out, but there are some important things to consider. Grate rod gaps should be checked. No grill grate rod is wider than 1 cm apart in a Broil King grill (less than the diameter of your pinky finger). Our grids are spaced tightly to enhance vaporization at the grill surface, allowing for more searing power per square inch.

Food will also not fall into your grill due to the tighter gap. Be aware of big gaps when shopping for grills, your shrimp and chicken wings will thank you.

Flexibility is designed into the design

Because they have only one type of surface, most grates deliver a single type of sear. Grates made from cast iron or stainless steel, however, can be reversible. One side of our grates is defined by peaks so that iconic sear marks can be achieved. In addition, the grate works like a griddle when you turn it over, because it has built-in vaporization, providing a fuller sear and better basting.

Think of a fresh hamburger, it’s not very structured, and it’s kind of soft on the outside. Your spatula will shave off the soft meat when you flip your burger if you grill it on the sharp peak side. With two contact points on the opposite side of the grates, your burger is less likely to lose its shape if you flip them over. Basically, anything that doesn’t need a lot of searing can be seared on the flip side, including wings, vegetables, and salads.

Grill grates and their weight

It is important to make sure your cooking grates are heavy, even if your grill cooks at the intensity of the sun. Your foods will be cooked evenly and conductively with heavy cooking grates. Searing in this manner creates a more consistent surface texture and gives you a more defined seared surface.

Grates cannot be overstated as far as weight is concerned. As close as possible to the meat, heavy cooking grates provide the searing intensity you require. Although your burners are hot, they’re inches away from the meat, and not the main source of heat to cook the meat.

Grates made from cast iron, stainless steel rods, and cast stainless steel

Here are our recommendations for choosing cooking grates based on all of these factors.

Grates made of cast iron are recommended if…

Cast iron is the best option for those who want the best performance and will take good care of them. A cast iron pan’s performance cannot be overstated, nor can the importance of cleaning and seasoning them.

Grates made of rod stainless steel are recommended if…

When you know your grill won’t be cleaned as well as your pots and pans in the kitchen, buy rod stainless steel. Don’t be afraid to use cooking oil thoroughly on the grates and on your food to prevent the food from sticking. Be patient and dial in the temperature precisely to prevent the chicken from sticking. If you want your grill to be eye-catching, don’t expect it to stay shiny.

If possible, choose cast stainless…

Stainless steel cast grates are the best of both stainless steel rods and iron cast grates. Their performance is comparable to cast iron, and they are practically indestructible. A long-term investment is worth the upfront cost. All Broil King Regal grills come with these and Imperial grills come with them as standard. If you’re using them right, these stainless grates shouldn’t stay shiny. Instead, they should become glossy and black.

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